The re:future Lab is a new institute dedicated to individuals in process of complex transition. We produce and welcome innovative art and ideas, across all forms of creativity, to build a shared understanding of our rapidly changing world and design visions of a diverse, sustainable and meaningful life.


We bring ultra contemporary artists into dialogue with experts from different fields to facilitate new experiences in painting, digital media, conceptual design, architectural concepts and scientific models. Through interventions such as shared performative meals, experimental workshops, personal mentoring sessions and future journeys, we shift perception and open up new options for action.


We seek opportunities to collaborate with peers from the arts, work with like-minded partners in academia and corporate spheres, and rent our unique space for photo productions and special events.


The re:future Lab was initiated to break with the traditions that separate art forms and audiences. Driven by our belief that access to new art, ideas and future skills is a crucial right, not a privilege, we present engaging experiences and forge deep bonds between our artists, experts and audiences.


As a hybrid think and practice tank that values invention, collaboration and empowerment, ​we are committed to advancing art forms, addressing the urgent issues of our time, and making our work impactful, sustainable, and relevant to the local communities, the creative industries, innovative corporates, Berlin, and beyond.

Art and Future design

How can art catalyze social change?

The re:future Lab investigates how art navigates the intersection of socio-ecological change, experimental practice and aesthetic autonomy. 


All activities of the re:future Lab are dialogical and interventionist practices to communicate new forms of knowledge and experience through art.


Through immersive real labs in the interplay between art, fields of mutation and the practicing human - the homo artista, we facilitate navigation to unknown territories, expanded horizons and new visions.


Fundamental here is the thesis, that more than ever, we need artistic intelligence to tackle the major transformation ahead of us. Courage, curiosity, cooperation and creativity are, among resilience and trust, the fundamental skills to surf complexity and forge new ground.

The re:future Lab calls for a new deal to infuse art into the practice of Life.

The founder

The Future needs to be something else. 


Madeleine Schwinge is an artist who unconditionally interweaves art with her everyday life as a practice of research and enactment. Transformation and the redesign of positive futures for our own lives, society and the planet alike are at the core of her artistic, curatorial and teaching projects.


Her art is a Gesamtkunstwerk towards a better tomorrow based on Nietzsche's practice of Life Exercises. The imperative derived from it by Rilke, "You must change your life", becomes an agenda in her multidisciplinary work. Oscillating between memory and imagination as well as provoking changes in thinking and attitude are central components. 


Activism is embedded in Madeleine Schwinge's work. This encompasses exploring the very essence of art as well as the characteristics of artistic intelligence, and embracing it as a vehicle for nurturing new perspectives and ideas. The vision: the reclamation, redefinition and creation of the heterotopian dream to live a good life. Therefore, she coined the neologism "Holitopia", meaning a twenty-first century utopia that is diverse, sustainable and multi-dependent.


Thus, the foundation of the re:future Lab also reflects this. The hybrid platform, at once an art space for ultra-contemporary art and an institute for future design, is a logical extension of her previous artistic practice. Appropriation formats such as mixed media painting, collage, object and text, previously produced in the studio with the exclusion of the public, will henceforth be amplified in the re:future Lab through artistic research, hermeneutic knowledge production and performative interventions. 


Being equally trained and experienced in art, art curation, economics and a systemic counseling, dialogue, experimentation and learning practice form the basis for all of this. Through personal mentoring with the artist, experimental workshops, symposia and a modular incubator, artists and experts from diverse fields, as well as viewers and participants, are invited to transform new individual, social, economic and ecological realities.


Through the methodological frame EMBARKING FUTURE® as conceptualized by Madeleine Schwinge, they become collaborators, exercisers and practitioners - and together they form a steadily growing community of change agents.

'It's about perceiving the big picture of the world in all its complexity from different angles. Through art, we want to impart skills to deal with it and find constructive approaches to shape the future'

(Madeleine Schwinge in an interview with Gesine Borcherdt for Die Welt, 2022)>>>>





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