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The re:future Lab is an art space and open platform for future-themed contemporary art and transdisciplinarity.


Its mission is to put forward future advocates who address the urgent upheavals on the edge of our time and to foster new narratives for social and cultural shifts.


Its activities take the form of art exhibitions, talks, lectures, panels, conferences, editions and publications, special events and art mediation.


The re:future Lab institute that is affiliated to the art space offers art advisory and art related concepts, and an incubator program to help navigate better towards unknown territories.

It has been founded by conceptual artist, curator and facilitator Madeleine Schwinge in 2020 to explore how art can catalyze social change. 

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re:future Lab, Berlin



What will be the future for Humankind, Non-human, Earth, and ourselves? 


There can be no doubt we live in times of epochal shifts, at the transition to a post-industrial digital society, and at the dawn of the Anthropocene. We are witnessing trumendous political, economic and social crises. Complete rethinking and the design of new pathways at all levels are now essential. This requires a fundamental change of perspective, new guidance and forging new tools.

How do we prepare for the troubled times ahead? And how do we find new ideas and solutions for the challenges that we face socially and personally? In the re:future Lab we believe, that art can provide a valuable contribution to the necessary transformations.

The presented artists, whether established or emerging, share a certain kinship on focussing the crucial issues of our time. Each of them is capable of challenging our habitual ways of thinking and shifting our attention to critical future subjects.



Research approach


The research approach developed by Madeleine Schwinge is structured in the form of a twofold process: identify fields of mutation and detect protagonists within these fields.

The first stage is about investigating the fields where transformation is already taking place, whether in change of moral and ethics, shift in perception and logic, obsolete normatives, social ecology, habitats and biotops, migration and diversification, technology, scientific theory and practice, interrelations and our way to life, work and communicate.

The second step is to detect the pioneering protagonists, who have the unique assets to reshape the future, particularly the willingness to take risks, the ability to associate, to decode and to transpose, resilience, self-efficacy and the faculty to cooperate.

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Feature magazine

EMBARK! is an artistic project and interview feature magazine, based on the idea and concept by Madeleine Schwinge, hosted and published by re:future Lab.


It gives voice to cutting-edge artists and pioneering future protagonists, all dealing with crucial topics of our time. The common parenthesis is a questionnaire with five identical questions on the impact of art, transdisciplinary work, speculative futures, hope, narrative and creative process.


Their interview features may inspire a wider public, nourish hopes, strengthen faith, and encourage the pathways to a better future.


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