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Bespoke projects

are tailored services for our

re:FUTURE CIRCLE Partner and Partner+, clients and other stakeholders

Inspired by in-depth research of the mutational fields of our societies and by the impetus of our alliances with state-of-the-art artists and experts (re:future lab Fellows), we bring a certain dose of audacity, trust and disruption to your organisation, projects and audiences.

A bespoke project starts with a briefing workshop.


This is the first milestone to contextualise your project, situate the needs, question your objectives, dislocate beliefs, then develop hypotheses and cartographies, in order to select from our portfolio of services the right combination of affective perception and hard expertise:

  • art or hybrid exhibition

  • symposium / conference

  • workshop (real lab) / seminar

  • talk / panel 

  • keynote / lecture

  • artist lecture / lecture performance

  • mentoring / consultancy 

  • report / analysis


All curation and eduction services are delivered by the re:future lab team and a selection of re:future lab Fellows (artists and experts).

Based on the model of ‚Creative Intelligence‘ - and infused with the EMBARKING FUTURES® meta-method, which draws on the driving principles of serendipity, symbiosis, process, cooperation, fiction and flux - this invokes and facilitates a set of new attitudes, to future proof your environments and ecologies.

For whom it is suitable

  • Innovative corporates and organizations seeking to gain a new sense of clearness, hope, ubiquity, inspiration and infuse a rare blend of expertise in their early process of a strategic or ideation projects, either internally for themselves or their teams, or externally as part of a proposal or delivery to their clients.

  • Art and cultural institutions seeking to enhance their education/outreach programs with unconventional, pioneering and agile lateral formats. These are on the forefront of debate of what could be the possible role of cultural players to catalyze societal and ecological transformation



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'As an intellectual speculation, art feeds all sectors of society, whether through form or  thought'


Gaël Charbau (Art director Olympic and Paralympic Village Paris 2024, Art director Audi Talents)

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