Explore the most forefront visionaries  

Detect the ideas behind our program in depth and find out more from the artists and experts we're collaborating with.


In our EMBARK! interview features we give voice to groundbreaking change-agents, all dealing with the pressing topics of our epoch, wether in thought or practice:

What could be a catalytic role of art? Is there still hope? Which might be the impact of transdisciplinarity? How does narration nourish our imaginary? And what are very personal creative strategies to enter a new process?

Using an identical five-question questionnaire, the stories in this volume explore the notions and approaches of artists, scientists, sociologists, architects and business practitioners alike - the result of this ongoing field research is a corpus representing the mindset of those engaged in crafting a new epoch.

As an intellectual speculation, art feeds all sectors of society, whether through form or  thought (Gaël Charbau, Curator)