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Research fields of mutations and giving voice to pioneering future protagonists 



Research laboratory

Where does change occur?


The research is a two-fold process:

First, investigating the fields where transformation is already taking place, whether in change of moral and ethics, shift in perception and logic, obsolete normatives, social ecology, habitats and biotopes, migration and diversification, technology, scientific theory and practice, interrelations and our way to live, work and communicate.

Second, detecting the protagonists who have the unique assets to reshape the future, particularly the willingness to take risks, the ability to associate, to decode and to transpose, resilience, self-efficacy and the faculty to cooperate.

re:future Lab activities are all based on and nourished by fields of mutation and the pioneering protagonists within these fields. 

Art advisory

How to inject art?

Collecting art is becoming widely attractive for individuals as well as for companies. The market offer is huge, ranging from online portals to local galleries and auction houses. At the same time, Art becomes significantly included either through the acquisition of artworks that match the corporate identity, brand-based event, or training concepts, using art as a force of mediation and innovation.


On the other hand, it is noticeable, the market is lacking from transparency - how to orientate, how to choose and how to negogiate? There is a growing need for expert knowledge.


Madeleine Schwinge has a deep and long-standing knowledge in the field of contemporary art. She is a trained curator (Berlin University of the Arts), has been advising for private and corporate collections, and has been a passionate collector herself for many years. She is very familiar with Berlin's vivid art scene, while also at home in Paris, as well as with the most important international fairs and biennials. She is a member of distinguished art clubs and venues, and holds a broad network made of top-knotch gallerists, curators, artists, art historians and art critics.

If you envisage acquiring works of art or using art to enrich your business, the re:future Lab team of experts will be pleased to assist you in the process and deliver a tailor-made offer. Write us an email to mail@re-f-lab.com


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