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The institute affiliated to the re:future Lab art space embraces research laboratory, knowledge transfer and art advisory. 



Research laboratory >> Where does change occur?


The research is a two-fold process:

First, investigating the fields where transformation is already taking place, whether in change of moral and ethics, shift in perception and logic, obsolete normatives, social ecology, habitats and biotopes, migration and diversification, technology, scientific theory and practice, interrelations and our way to live, work and communicate.

Second, detecting the protagonists who have the unique assets to reshape the future, particularly the willingness to take risks, the ability to associate, to decode and to transpose, resilience, self-efficacy and the faculty to cooperate.

re:future Lab activities are all based on and nourished by fields of mutation and the pioneering protagonists within these fields. 

Knowledge transfer >> How to forge new ground?


Changes in the outside world inevitably lead to distortions in our inner world. In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, the search for comprehension, apprehension and orientation is a human need.


This is where the re:future Lab proposes an incubator program, to start a new journey towards new ideas, and bring confidence, inspiration and comfort at an individual level. Individuals, corporate and institutional entities alike are invited to participate in a modular program ranging from one-to-one sessions to multiday masterclasses, where they can generate new ideas and solutions, find new sense, explore uncharted territory, and develop their own routes to attractive positive futures. 

The program is based on Madeleine Schwinge's core thesis that more than ever we need key artistic qualities such as curiosity, risk-taking, sensitive perception, associative skills, resilience, self-efficacy, and the ability to cooperate in order to master the radical changes and challenges of our time. To this end, she has developed a mentoring and workshop practice that combines artistic research with curatorial and design methods and a systemic approach.


All sessions and workshops will take place in an art place surrounded by thoroughly selected works of art, with the objective to unlock the human potential, and open up to territories that would never have been imaginable before.

Chose the most appropriate session for you:



Making the Future tangible


Madeleine Schwinge shares her wide experience and versatile knowledge in a one-to-one session. By using art as an explorative approach, you will benefit from a very practical, image-based and structured process to facilitate the next steps and navigate the complexities, either for personal issues or work-related projects. The session will be held in Madeleine Schwinge's or another artist studio, in the re:future Lab, in a public art venue or online.


Zukunft greifbar machen

Madeleine Schwinge stellt ihre umfangreiche Erfahrung und ihr vielseitiges Wissen in individuellen Einzelsitzungen zur Verfügung. Mittels Kunst als Erkundungsmethode profitieren Sie von einem praktischen, bildbasierten und strukturierten Prozess, um nächste Schritte zu erleichtern und Komplexität zu bewältigen, sowohl in persönlichen Fragen als auch bei beruflichen Kontexten. Die Sessions finden in Madeleine Schwinges oder einem anderen Künstleratelier, im re:future Lab, an einem öffentlichen Kunstort oder online statt.

in Deutsch or English

Termine auf Anfrage

available upon request

2 hours, 1/2 day, or 1 day

For more information and booking please write an e-mail to mail@re-f-lab.com


The Imaginary Territory


A lecture on the edge of time. What do we find on the horizon when we change perspective? Reshaping the future is not only an option, but an obligation. The lecture is about external crisis, internal distortions, fears and dreams, imagination, narration, and speculation. Madeleine Schwinge combines quotes and perspectives of future protagonists from art, architecture, science and philosophy with her own essay-like fragments to a pictorial call for departure. 

Der imaginäre Raum

Ein Vortrag am Rande der Zeit. Was finden wir am Horizont, wenn wir die Perspektive wechseln? Die Neugestaltung von Zukunft ist nicht nur Option, sondern Verpflichtung. Es geht um äußere Erschütterungen, innere Zerrbilder, Ängste und Träume, sowie um Imagination, Narration und Spekulation. Madeleine Schwinge verbindet Zitate und Blickwinkel von Zukunftsprotagonisten aus Kunst, Architektur, Wissenschaft und Philosophie mit eigenen essayartigen Fragmenten zu einem bildhaften Aufruf zum Aufbruch. 

90 min

in Deutsch or English

Scheduled dates


Fr 17 Sep 2021, 8 pm

at Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

(in German)

in Nov 2021

at re:future Lab, Berlin

(in English)


Speculative Diaries


A workshop about how to make desirable futures tangible and sketching viable routes. Based on art as an exploratory method and on curatorial models, the workshop is about dreams and memories of the future, potentials and processes, change curves, turning points and transition zones. A practical guide for the daily hero's journey to a better tomorrow.

Spekulative Notizen

Ein Workshop über die Kunst, wünschenswerte Zukünfte greifbar zu machen und gangbare Wege zu skizzieren. Basierend auf Kunst als forschender Methode und auf kuratorischen Modellen geht es im Workshop um Träume und Zukunftserinnerungen, Potenziale und Prozesse, Veränderungskurven, Wendepunkte und Grenzübergänge. Ein praktischer Leitfaden für die tägliche Heldenreise in ein besseres Morgen.

1 day

in Deutsch or English

Scheduled dates


Sat 18 Sep 2021, 2 - 6 pm

at Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

(in German)

in Dec 2021

at re:future Lab, Berlin

(in English)


Incubating Futures


A extensive workshop about how to re-learn the joy of creativity.  It is about the appropriate travel luggage, experiencing the most suitable tracks and exploring new horizons.

Prototyping desirable lives and exciting projects, personal or work-related.

Perspektiven schaffen

Die Freude an der eigenen Kreativität wieder entdecken. Das geeignete Gepäck für die Reise, das Aufspüren der am besten geeigneten Routen und die Erkundung neuer Horizonte.

Entwicklung von Prototypen für ein wünschenswertes Leben und faszinierende Projekte, sei es im privaten oder beruflichen Bereich.

3 days + 1 two-hour-mentoring session

in Deutsch or English

Scheduled dates



Next class: Jan 2022

at re:future Lab, Berlin

For more information stay tuned or pre-register by writing an e-mail to mail@re-f-lab.com

Art advisory >> How to inject art?

Collecting art is becoming widely attractive for individuals as well as for companies. The market offer is huge, ranging from online portals to local galleries and auction houses. At the same time, Art becomes significantly included either through the acquisition of artworks that match the corporate identity, brand-based event, or training concepts, using art as a force of mediation and innovation.


On the other hand, it is noticeable, the market is lacking from transparency - how to orientate, how to choose and how to negogiate? There is a growing need for expert knowledge.


Madeleine Schwinge has a deep and long-standing knowledge in the field of contemporary art. She is a trained curator (Berlin University of the Arts), has been advising for private and corporate collections, and has been a passionate collector herself for many years. She is very familiar with Berlin's vivid art scene, while also at home in Paris, as well as with the most important international fairs and biennials. She is a member of distinguished art clubs and venues, and holds a broad network made of top-knotch gallerists, curators, artists, art historians and art critics.

If you envisage acquiring works of art or using art to enrich your business, the re:future Lab team of experts will be pleased to assist you in the process and deliver a tailor-made offer. Write us an email to mail@re-f-lab.com


Your mentor, facilitator and advisor

Madeleine Schwinge is the founder and director of the re.future Lab.


She studied art history, fine arts and curation with renowned artists and curators, and holds a diploma in economics. Additionally, she has a background in strategic planning and entrepreneurship, and is certified as a systemic facilitator. Over her long career path, she has conducted an extensive number of conceptual processes and training programs, and has been invited as a lecturer at a number of conferences. For a decade, she worked alongside transformation researcher and political scientist Dr. Petra Bock to build a theory and award-winning methodology in the field of mindsets and human behaviour that has been published in international best-sellers. In 2020, she founded the re:future Lab with the mission to set up a transdisciplinary platform to exploring how art can catalyze individual and social change. 

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