Artistic Intelligence - a catalyst for transformative learning


‘Artistic Intelligence‘ is a prerequisite for individuals, organizations and society to tackle ‘The Great Transformation‘ ahead of us.

Creativity is the most effective Human force. Art plays an important role in cultural identity, cross-sector innovation and societal transformation. It helps to create shared visions and utopias, foster empathy, change attitudes and mindsets. It provides emancipatory potential, open up new perspectives and foster purpose-driven impact.

This is where the EMBARKING FUTURE® meta-method comes in: based on circularity, feedback-loops and change in perspectives, it breaks with linear patterns and merges knowledge from the arts and systems thinking.


This method—drawn from the humanities, natural sciences, visual culture, architecture, philosophy, sociology, and biology—is both a curatorial frame for our exhibition program and the underlying structure of our transdisciplinary learning labs. These range from symposia to transfer workshops, lectures and panels, to 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Through immersive interventions and the EMBARKING FUTURE® meta- method, the re:future Lab program aims to facilitate navigation through unknown territories, expand horizons and approach new visions.

Grow Your Vision

EMBARKING FUTURE® - meta-method can be experienced and learned in a program of workshops, symposia, lectures and in personal catalyst sessions.

Upcoming workshops and events

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Speculative Diaries


One day



November 5, 2022, 10 - 15

merged with 'The Entropic Dream' Symposion


SPECULATIVE DIARIES workshops are a series of one-day experimental labs using the EMBARKING FUTURE® meta-method to dive into a theme - be it a phenomenon, an idea or a practice. 


They are suitable for adventurous minds willing to question dogma and belief, the unknown and ambiguity, and find new inspiration and perspective through perception, fiction and foreknowledge. These composite fragments, sculptures of ever-changing ideas, now unfold in the re:future lab program starting in October 2022. 


Artist and systemic counselor Madeleine Schwinge invites participants to join the workshops of their choice to explore, practice, and learn collectively.


Common to all workshops is the relevance (and urgency) of addressing the Great Transformation of the world we live in. The workshops will combine non-dogmatic thinking with visual materials from art, design and architecture, as well as critical insights from edgy thinkers, philosophers and visionaries from diverse fields of expertise.


Limited to 10 practitioners
1 day

in German or English


This year only, these workshops will be accessible with the symposion series

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Catalyst Session

Systemic Counseling

Flexible dates

One-to-one session

from 2 hours to 1/2 day or 1 day sessions

in German, English or French

Availability and prices upon request. Appoint a free preliminary talk in which you can present your intention and learn more about how such a session would unfold.


From ruptures in personal or professional life, decision making in complex situations, inner or outer conflicts, the wish to follow your vocation, to create a project more in depth, or find new purpose and meaning — such a one-to-one catalyst session is your portal to deeper fulfillment and creating a viable vision towards the richness of life. Future is open—navigation comes next.

In Madeleine Schwinge's artist studio at the re:future Lab -

a space of creativity and possibility, exclusively reserved for you.

About your counselor:

Madeleine Schwinge holds a degree in economics and is trained in systemic counseling. A sought after advisor, she has mentored entrepreneurs, executives and individuals for many years, and has been invited as a speaker on a range of congresses and panels.

For a decade she worked as a strategic advisor to political scientist and transformational researcher Dr. Petra Bock in developing an award-winning method for overcoming mental blockages and obsolete behavioural patterns. She has been a teaching coach at the latter's academy in Germany since 2021. 

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Imaginary Territories



4 days
Limited to 10 practitioners

in German or English

upcoming in spring 2023


The IMAGINARY TERRITORIES Workshop is a practical guide in your daily hero's journey towards a desirable life. Four days, dedicated to your wildest dreams—nourished by impactful fragments from your life's archive.  Reframe your biography and discover what makes you unique. Get fresh inspiration and guideline to create a new storyboard for greater meaning and happiness.


Applying the EMBARKING FUTURE® meta-method, the workshop transcends disciplines and individual attendees to become a learning network. You will learn how to use cutting edge ideas from the fields of art, design, architecture, and nature science to expand your personal practice space.


The permeability of the concept enables ideas that can re-surface at any moment and do not end with the workshop. It is thus an open-ended practice that participants may pursue and activate at any time, anywhere.


All offers can be booked without prior knowledge and are designed for people who are in search of new inspiration, fruitful exchange and an out-of-the-ordinary blend of knowledge. 

Participation is possible after registration. Please register with your name and telephone number and the desired course date via

We pay attention to the balanced composition of the courses and have a short get-to-know-you conversation with each participant before the start.


We can't wait to meet you!

'Madeleine Schwinge is an extraordinary artist who has shared and shaped my mind's cosmos for many years'

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Send us an email to make an appointment for a free preliminary call in which you can present your intention to Madeleine Schwinge and see if there is a good fit between you.