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We are delighted to announce the release of the online magazine EMBARK! - a new phase in our development.

EMBARK! gives voice to cutting-edge artists and inspiring thinkers - often pioneers - who represent the Zeitgeist, address the urgent issues of our time, dare to take uncharted paths and chart new ways forward for our world of tomorrow.
EMBARK! is an artistic project by Madeleine Schwinge, hosted and published by re:future Lab.



Human Machine World - Art for the Anthropocene.

An exhibition cycle in two parts, accompanied by an eclectic program including artist talks, lectures, an edition and a curated culinary experience.

Part 1 

'A blink from sonic eyes -Drawings from the Fleeting Archive of Towards Sound' by Ruth Wiesenfeld. Curated by Jan-Philipp Frühsorge.


7 Oct - 30 Oct 21

Part 2

'The Whole Earth 2045' with works by Johanna Bruckner (Zurich), Grégory Chatonsky (Paris) and Parsons & Charlesworth (Chicago).

Curated by Madeleine Schwinge


5 Nov - 11 Dec 2021

Artist Talk 6 Nov, 5 pm



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Imagine, we could be the ones to change it all

Madeleine Schwinge

The Psychedelic Chicks,

New album release

The mini-series titled 'Imagine, we could be the ones to change it all' consists of 6 multiples (concert posters) and is a call to action. It deals with modern redemption myths and the impact assessment of technological progress, human-machine hybridization, climate change, the power of imagination, potential of community, rituals for encouragement, and the quest for orientation.

24 Jul - 30 Sept 21



We are thrilled to announce a series of seven experimental art + food events, each dedicated to a specific phenomenon and a future-linked topic. Presented in the streamline of one year, bookable individually or as a complete series, and supported by distinguished future advocates. The series is curated by Madeleine Schwinge and hosted by re:future Lab. 

For the first event 'Empathy & Fermentation' we will partner up with artist and professor for experimental sculpture, spatial art and body and space concepts Stella Geppert, who will interact with chef and culinary entrepreneur Vadim Otto Ursus Henselder.

scheduled for 2022

Stay tuned for more information and date. Or drop us a line for pre-booking.


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Imagine, we could be the ones to change it all

Madeleine Schwinge,

The Psychedelic Chicks

Series of six multiples,

each in an edition of 20.

Fine art print, 

85 x 120 cm,

hand signed.

All editions are available as a single print or as a box set including all six prints.




What do we find on the horizon when we change perspective?


A lecture on the edge of time. Re-shaping the future is not only an option, but an obligation. The lecture is about external crisis, inner distortions, fears and dreams, the potential of imagination and narration. Combining quotes and perspectives of future protagonists from art, design, architecture, science and philosophy with examples of a variety of artwork, plus her own essay-like thought fragments, Madeleine Schwinge performs an illustrative call for action. 

Lecturer: Madeleine Schwinge

Upcoming in Nov 2021




The art of making desirable futures tangible and sketching viable routes.


The workshop is about dreams and memories of the future, potentials and processes, change curves, turning points and transition zones. Based on art as exploratory method, curatorial and designing frame and systemic approach, participants will experience a practical guide for their daily hero's journey towards a better tomorrow.

Facilitator: Madeleine Schwinge

Upcoming in Dec 2021

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