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re:future lab is a mission driven institute for art and future design and a platform for change. We research, enact and facilitate alternative futures through artistic and systemic intervention.


Institute for Art and Future Design

The re:future lab was founded in 2020 by German curator, educator and futurologist Madeleine Schwinge. Originally conceived as an interdisciplinary, dialogical art space to question the role of art in social change, it rapidly developed into a laboratory for future research, out-of-the-box art curation and undisciplinary education outreach formats.


Since 2022, the re:future lab operates as Institute for Art and Future Design. Based on meticulous research and the propriety meta-method EMBARKING FUTURES®, we equip innovative businesses, art and creative disciplines, applied sciences as well as interested individuals with futures literacy.  


The Fragile Human Symposium, October 8, 2023, staged in HORTULANUS, solo exhibition Johanna SEELEMANN, curated by Madeleine Schwinge, hosted by re:future lab


Get to Know Us

re:future lab is headed by the founder Madeleine Schwinge together with co-director Cécile Nebbot, supported by a top-notch advisory board.


A diverse group of international fellow artists and experts from the fields of arts and culture, humanities and social sciences, nature sciences and technology nurture the hybrid programme with their research and post disciplinary perspective. They all share a certain kinship to challenge the status quo and the mission to shape resilient futures frameworks.

Current & Upcoming 

WELT AM SONNTAG (by Gesine Borcherdt)

“Contemporary artists have never worked so closely on themes that will deeply determine the times ahead—thus an artistic 'Zukunftsinstitut' (Future Institute) is exceedingly topical.”

"As an intellectual speculation, art feeds all sectors of society, whether through form or thought"

Gaël Charbau, Curator
Artistic director for the Olympic and Paralympic village, Paris 2024

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