re:future Lab Institute for Art and Future Design is a transdisciplinary practice ground to embark future through the prism of art, supporting individuals and organizations to create systemic change and realize designs for positive futures. Founded and directed by artist, curator, futurologist and facilitator Madeleine Schwinge. Based in Berlin, with satellite activities in Paris and abroad. The mission is ambitious: Catalyse the social dream of Holitopia - for a good life on a healed planet.  

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EMBARK! Feature interview magazine gives voice to cutting-edge artists and inspiring thinkers - often pioneers - who represent the Zeitgeist, address the urgent issues of our time, dare to take uncharted paths and chart new ways forward for our world of tomorrow.

EMBARK! is an editorial project based on an idea and concept by Madeleine Schwinge, hosted and published by re:future Lab.

The feature interview's common parenthesis is a questionnaire with five identical questions on the possible role of art, the impact of transdisciplinarity and narration for future transformation, and on personal creative strategies to start a new project.

Go to the EMBARK! website to explore all interviews.


Social Dreaming for a healed planet

Three interrelated 3 day learning journeys, including art exhibitions, performative shared meals, artist lectures, keynotes, talks, experimental workshops, film lectures, special editions and documentation. Accompanied by a practice based research project and an award.

These speculative entanglements will be a fictional yet sensory journey through time and space, memories and rituals, playfully experiencing existential origins and interconnectedness of cultures and habitats.

12 handpicked peers will be able to learn, discuss and work with distinguished artists, scientists, philosophers, anthropologists, historians, architects and designer.

An extraordinary  experience for transfer thinking and utmost inspiration.  

Symposion Part I

Encounters between history and present futures

Symposion Part II

Blueprints for viable sociotopes

Symposion Part III

Trajectories beyond the individual

Upcoming in autumn 2022

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Ultra contemporary art


The re:future Lab investigates and represents artists who address the urgent topics of our time. Wether by content, process or material, they question issues as digitalization, sustainability, diversity, gender, human body, human machine interfaces, the future of work, history of ideas, extinction, territory, body and space and more.

Please contact us for more information. We are happy to introduce you to groundbreaking artworks and artists and organize exclusive studio visits.

Art Advisory

As an experienced well connected art connoisseur, a collector herself and with a certificate in curation from University of the Arts Berlin, Madeleine Schwinge curates and advises private and corporate collectors since 2010.


Together with the re:future Lab Advisors team, all well-known experts in visual arts and the art market, we are thrilled to advise you on a collection concept to fit your identity and vision. 

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Future Laboratories


Integrated part of the Holitopia-Symposion:
The future of food Lab - 

How will we eat tomorrow?

We are excited to announce the launch of a series of three experimental food performances, each dedicated to a specific phenomenon and a maximum of practice and transfer.


Embedded in the symposion series, each event will bring together top-notch artists and chefs with 12 participants for a unique food experience, combined with lecture and workshop parts.


Topics for this experimental format include empathy, memory, the power of cultural rituals, new urban realities, multispecies, symbiosis, fermentation, human-nature-hybridization.

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Knowledge transfer at the re:future Lab







Future Incubator


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Upon request


A lecture on future design through the prism of art

What does art have to do with transformation? Can art catalyse change? Do we live in a new Renaissance? What might we find on the horizon once we change perspective? What is the future of human, non-human and earth? How will we work, live, eat and dwell tomorrow? What can we learn when science and humanities merge? Is there still reason to hope? What must we leave behind, what must we change, and what must we learn anew?


A lively call for creative change. Illustrated with images of historical and contemporary artworks and enriched with numerous quotes and impulses from over 50 interviews with future thinkers and innovators from the most diverse fields of activity in art, architecture, design, anthropology, sociology, neurobiology, natural sciences, technology, economy and politics, all interviewed as part of Madeleine Schwinge's feature project EMBARK! conducted since 2020.


Make your next conference a step into Tomorrow's change!

For further information and to book Madeleine Schwinge for a keynote, please write an e-mail to


We are looking forward to hear from you!

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On appointment


The art to create present futures

Work directly with the founder of the re:future Lab. Madeleine Schwinge herself is the best proof of transformational strength and the realisation of even big life dreams. Benefit in a one-to-one format from her versatile knowledge and extensive experience as a consultant, entrepreneur, trainer and facilitator. She is a certified systematic consultant and teaching coach at the Dr. Bock Coaching Academy. For more than twenty years she has accompanied individuals and teams, private persons, executives and entrepreneurs alike, in realising their dreams and professional projects. Her signature style is one of pragmatic optimism, precise observation and an analytical eye. She quickly recognises the essence of a matter and, using profound knowledge from art, business and life, virtuously creates new references to open up new doors of thought and then pave the way. In a structured and equally creative process, she is the facilitating partner at your side, be it for the pursuit of a passion project or the start into a life that is truly fulfilled.  


The session takes place in Madeleine Schwinge's studio at the re:future Lab, in a museum, an art-related space or online.

German, English or French.


Please write an e-mail to to set up a personal call with Madeleine Schwinge. She will be happy to get to know you.

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1 - 2 dates per year



The art of making desirable future life tangible

In this 3 days workshop you will take a reflective and open role, set new focus and reveal your individual key to happiness and meaning. 

With the practice of a mixed methodology, embracing artistic and curatorial approach speculative design and systemic thinking,  and empowered by your group fellows, you will design a practical map to navigate your journey towards the future life you really want to live. Who are you? With whom you want to share this one life? What are your personal values and strategies? What if your life had a higher impact? What could that be? Where do you start?

Limited to 6 participants.
At the re:future Lab, Berlin

Workshop language: German

With Madeleine Schwinge and guests.

Please write an e-mail to to set up a call with Madeleine Schwinge for more information and accreditation.

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Certification programme


Spanning over one year, Tomorrow's Lab is a guided journey through 6 intertwined labs, all tackling the most important sets of issues, challenges and innovations of our time.


Based on experimentation and practice based research, this is a unique learning experience to prepare for future transformations. The programme prepare both individuals and leaders for unpredictable futures in rising complexity and an unprecedented time of change.

The faculty includes high profile theorists and practitioners from visual art, art history, architecture, design, philosophy, anthropology, neurobiology, technology, future research and politics. 

Participants will learn cutting edge methods and how to transfer them into their own projects. They will think them more in depth, enrich them with new imagination, and create unconventional combinations.

The programme finishes with a project presentation to receive a certificate. Further the graduates will become part of the supportive Tomorrow's Lab international alumni community.

In German and English

Please write an e-mail to to schedule a phone-call for further information and application.

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