The re:future Lab is an experimental laboratory, independent space and think tank for art, contemporary culture and future research, initiated and curated by Madeleine Schwinge, to trigger discourse and exchange among artists and futureagents of diverse disciplines at the interfaces between art, design, architecture, fashion, film, music, literature, philosophy, science, politics, technology, economy, lifestyle, food and health.


we do

“More then ever we need the transformational power of art.”

Madeleine Schwinge

re:future Lab Founding director

Artist, curator, author, consultant

We research art, contemporary culture and influential disciplines to capture new visions.


We question how art can catalyse innovation and social change.


We encourage people to stretch their habitual thinking and change their perception of reality.

Our mission is to offer an extended platform for inspiration, creative strategies and transfer to share new perspectives and positive narratives for future utopias.


Our activities can be experienced in the form of art exhibitions, features, panels, talks, editions, publications, art lectures, workshops and special events.

We are headquartered in Berlin with a satellite in Paris.


Embarking future - 

Tomorrow starts here!

In an interview series re:future Lab features showcases artists, emerging or established, with their approaches of thinking and working - as well as gallerists, curators, museum directors, art collectors, art consultants and art journalists. In order to foster a dialogue between art and other forward-driven disciplines, we also present architects, designers, film- and theatremakers, philosophers, sociologists, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists and more - all leading figures in their fields, representating the zeitgeist and dealing with innovation and social change. The features' common parenthesis is five identical questions about their attitude towards future shift, the relevance of storytelling and insights into their imaginative strategies.


This is an artistic and curational project by Madeleine Schwinge.

Concept and interviews: Madeleine Schwinge

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Art Lectures, talks and panels

In addition to its exhibitions re:future Lab Projects seeks to enhaunce discourse on art and future topics. The focus is on discovering possibilities for a more progressive and better future by capturing the perception and attitudes of artists as creators and tireless explorers of the new. Artists discuss with opinion leaders and decision makers of other fields on important subject matters of our time - from digitalization, artificial intelligence, urban development,  sustainability, mobility, education and social businesses  - to name only a few.

The audience, art lovers as well as all open-minded people, will receive exciting connections to important matters of our time and will be invited to rethink and cross-disciplinary persue them on an unusually extended level.

Concept: Madeleine Schwinge

Lecturer: Madeleine Schwinge and guests

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There can be no doubt, we live in times of epochal shifts. So where do we go from here? How do we prepare for and find solutions for the times ahead? In the re:future Lab we believe that art and culture can play an important role in individual and social transformation. The artists featured in exhibitions curated by the re.future Lab Projects share a certain kinship in terms of their focus on these crucial topics. The overall intention is to provide a platform for a range of voices and positions, each of them capable of challenging our habitual mindsets and our images of future.

Concept: Madeleine Schwinge

Curator: Madeleine Schwinge and guests

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Our re:future Lab Journal brings hand-selected recommendations, features and insights of the research we do. Get to know thrilling artists, futureagents and passionate professionals from across the world and diverse fields. Get inspiration, valuable input and new motivation.


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In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, many of us are looking for a sense of understanding and direction to think about their personal lifes, relationships or businesses in a creative and positive way. re:future Lab College presents a workshop programme with a strong focus on mindshift and contructive future scenarios. In these  lessons  theoretical art knowledge, artistic and curatorial practices are combined with approaches from philosophy, life coaching, design thinking and strategic consulting. Whether introductory lectures, one-day workshops or multi-part modular master classes - online or offline - in these courses, there is always a suitable format for everyone, no matter whether it is about practical questions of day-to-day life or exploring a progressive and better future.


Concept: Madeleine Schwinge

Workshops: Madeleine Schwinge and guests

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Special Events

The re:future Lab Space organises and hosts special events, ranging from art dinners, talks, panel discussions, concerts, photo productions, film screenings, panel discussions and workshops. The space is a physical manifestation of the re:future Lab online platform. All events provided by re:future Lab reflect or are inspired by the people and stories we report about.

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The re:future Lab is located in the building complex Spreehalle in Oberschöneweide, literally on the river Spree in the southeast of Berlin. Here, renowned artists, creatives and cultural workers come together. Exhibitions, galleries and concerts attract a wide range of visitors and fill the former industrial area with new life. A perfect environment for pioneering projects.


The Spreehalle is part of a group of buildings, originally built in 1910 as the transformer factory of AEG by iconic architects such as Peter Behrens. It has been renovated and modernised by the awarded London based architectural bureau FeildenCleggBradleyStudios in cooperation with musician and photographer Bryan Adams. For successfully linking history with modernity, the Spreehalle in 2018 received the Otto Borst Prize for Urban Renewal and was nominated for the BDA Architecture Audience Award. The project has since been featured in numerous international magazines such as in Wallpaper.


In 2020, Madeleine Schwinge acquired a 160 sqm  brutalist space there and commissioned the danish architect Sigurd Larsen with its interior design. The space merges the artist studio and the newly founded re:future Lab under one roof. The interior design reflects the future-oriented approach of these two work-spheres and shapes a perfect unity for research, studio, office, exhibition, workshop and event zones.


Who we are

Meet the team

Madeleine Schwinge

Founding Director / Head of Curation

Madeleine Schwinge is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist, curator, author and consultant focusing on identity and transformation issues.


She studied art history (Freie Universität Berlin) and curation (Universität der Künste Berlin) and has been tutored by distinguished artists. Her  artwork  has been published in exhibition and science contexts and was recently listed for The Social Art Award 2019.

In addition, on the basis of a diploma in economic sciences, a profound entrepreneurial experience and certified as coach, she conceived numerous strategic plannings and brand campaigns, conducted extensive training programs and was invited as a speaker at a number of congresses.


She embeds her approach in the concept of a metamodern art logic that oscillates between informed naivety and pragmatic idealism. It is about an impossible possibility.


Out of her passion for human evolution and the changing world she founded the re:future Lab in 2020 with the ambition to explore how art can catalyse a mindset revolution and help make the world a better place.

Cécile Nebbot

Contributor/ Advisory Board Member

Cécile Nebbot is a communication expert.


She holds a master’s degree in economics and in communication and has a strong expertise in brand content strategies, corporate social reponsability, diversity and inclusion. For over a decade, she has been working for a major international consulting firm, developing strategies, global communication projects and corporate events.


Not only satisfied to be born in Marseille, to have lived in London and now to be settled in Paris, she has recently been captivated by the disruptive creative power of Berlin and has made it her part-time home.


She is driven by art, architecture, philosophy, literature, music and dance - and loves to quote the choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: 'A dancer is a musical instrument with its own sonority and colour'

Advisory Board

Masterminds and experts from various fields, each nominated for a fixed period, will enrich the re:future Lab exhibitions, talks, panel discussions and workshops with their knowledge and experience.

The first board will be convened for the 2021 program.




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