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Catalyze change through


Our Art Advisory takes the form of a practice and model to rethink creation, art production, exhibition and collection.


As an autonomous artist-advisor, we seek to bypass the structures of traditional art market safe havens and create space for thought provocation, experimentation, experience and immersion. 

Nurtured by an in-depth research of the mutational fields of our societies and by the impetus of our alliances with the vanguard of ultra-contemporary artists and distinguished art experts, we bring a certain dose of audacity, trust and disruption to your art collection, corporate projects or personal environment. 

This is suitable for

  • All who wish to acquire clearness, intuition, hope, acuity and seek to infuse future thinking in their lives and professional projects. 

  • Private or corporate art amateurs and collectors, who wish to initiate or extend an art collection – and by that position themselves at the most forefront discourse.

Ask us HOW and WHAT IF?

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'Art and design are indispensable disciplines to navigate complexity and shaping viable futures'

Madeleine Schwinge (Founder re:future lab)

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