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Masterclass Series


In the light of the disruptions of the pivotal epoch we live in, there is an urgency for radical change. Change is now in reach of us all, thinkers and practitioners, engaged citizens of the mundane life, experts and non-experts.  


The series comprises three in-depth masterclasses: 

#1 – Vision & Sense Making

#2 – Kinship & Co-habitat

#3 – Fiction & Alternative Arenas

The benefits

Our Masterclasses offer new patterns, wider imagination, non-linear time, fresh beliefs, and amplified awareness. ​Apply elements and tools from the EMBARKING FUTURE® meta-method >> to understand the needs of all stakeholders in a system and venture into the unknown. Future-proof yourself, a project or a company, sharpen networks, mitigate impact!


For whom?

For all who seek to uplift their potential to pioneer and foster change. It is especially suitable for urbanists, strategists, planners, executives, entrepreneurs, start-upers, coaches, educators, policy makers, researchers and those working in the creative and cultural industries.

The faculty

Developed and directed by Madeleine Schwinge, delivered with re:future lab fellow artists and experts.

The conditions 

2 days I in person


Single tickets:

890 Euro + VAT (standard) I 790 Euro + VAT (early bird)     


Package tickets:

Book all three masterclasses as a package & get a special bundle price
2.490 Euro + VAT (bundle standard) I 2290 Euro + VAT (bundle early bird)


Dates of each session below >


#1 Vision & Sense Making

The power of ideas with wich we create new ideas.


Imaginary – Ideation – Values and Ethics – Identity & Signature – Context & Environment – Serendipity – Mindscapes – Oscillation – Memories & Archives – The taste of Experimentation – Incubation – Objectives & Strategy 


With this masterclass you will experiment with rigorous phantasy, gain the ability to follow your dreams wherever they lead you. Through a practice of warming up the senses, you will boldly refine your „Why“ and get a more accurate logic. With an agile space of mind you will find how to break hypotheses and sketch appropriate blueprints for your future.

May 4 - 5, 2023

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#2 Kinship & Co-Habitat

Blueprints for a culture of interrelated diversity.


Assemblage & Clusters – Language & Semiotics – Symbiosis & Fertile Contamination – Membrane – Vibration – Empathy – Singularity & Perspectives – Vertical Communities – Impacts, Risks & Discontinuities – Transculturation & Inclusion – Inseparability & Co-Existence


In this Masterclass you will learn how to create beneficial relationships, decrypt the hidden motives in a sender's information, consider all aspects of stakeholders involved in a system, take the risk to share a creative process, invite cultural infection to fly over pitfalls – in order to create regenerative communities.

June, 26-27, 2023

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#3 Fiction & Alternative Arenas

How do you navigate through the unknown to new shores?



Iconic Turn – Metaphors – Scenarios – Framing – Narratives – Media – Anticipation – Rhizoms – Co-Design – Utopia & Heterotopia – World Theatre – Urban Metabolism – Symbiogenesis – Politics of Ecologies - Flux


In this Masterclass you will dialogue with Futures. You will learn how to operate with a constant flux of ideas, resources and events as a vector of agility and risk mitigation, to innovate without replicate, to use images as methapor for new logic, to mobilize a purposeful structural and interactive narrative to invent viable systems – and finally, how to reach such a good place as Holitopia®, given its apparent illusiveness. 

July, 13-14, 2023 

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'As an intellectual speculation, art feeds all sectors of society, whether through form or  thought'


Gaël Charbau (Art director Olympic and Paralympic Village Paris 2024, Art director Audi Talents)

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