'Interwoven chronicles. An artistic dialogue on a fictive crossroad between two Weltinnenraums'

Jovana Popić (Berlin),

Madeleine Schwinge (Berlin),

Curated by Madeleine Schwinge


29 April - 28 May 2022


Opening on occasion of Gallery Weekend Berlin 28 April, 6 - 9 pm. The artists are present.

Open on Saturday 30 April, 2 - 6 pm and Sunday 1 May, 2 - 5 pm.

Guided tours available >>

Upcoming Symposia 2022:

Speculative entanglements - social dreaming for a healed planet

re:future Lab’s 2022 main programme is rolled out in 3 symposia, each including an experimental shared meal, an art performance, an art exhibition, artist lectures, keynotes, talks and panels, workshops, special editions and documentary materials, articles and essays. It will also include a masterclass lifedesign, filmlectures and a practice based research project. 

Visitors and participants are invited to a fictional yet sensory journey through time and space, to playfully experience existential origins, memories and rituals, and interconnectedness of habitats. 

Symposium I (2022, date tbc soon)

Encounters between history and present futures

Symposium II (2022, date tbc soon)

Blueprints for viable sociotopes

Symposium III (2022, date tbc soon)

Trajectories beyond the individual

re:future Lab Space, FOOD Laboratory. Foto: Thomas Wiuf Schwartz for Reform

How will we eat tomorrow?

3 performative shared meals


Each event explores the future of food through a different lens and aims to amplify social interactions and transform thoughts into food, into giving and sharing. When we eat, we take in the world and bring life into our bodies. Eating, like breathing, is a process within a system. Through eating we are connected to the world in a constant exchange of vital energy. Food is an essential part of life.

Out-of-the ordinary artists meet passionate chefs to experiment together and share openly. Among them are Stella Geppert (artist and professor for for experimental sculpture, spatial art, body and space concepts at Burg Giebenichsein University of Art and Design Halle), the Finnish artist Nina Backman (The Silence Project) and Vadim Hendelder (OTTO) (one of the most thrilling Berlin young chefs). 

Topics include sociotop, body and space, empathy, rituals, multispecies and symbiosis, hybridization, zero carbon society, recipes for the future, concepts beyond individual.

Each event takes place in the re:future Lab FOOD Laboratory. You will experience a participative performance accompanied by lectures and a DIY-workshop to provide utmost inspiration and knowledge transfer.

Limited to 12 participants who share a meal, experience and learn.

2 days, on a saturday/sunday

Shared meal and beverage pairing, keynote lecture, DIY Workshop, a future-box and documentation material.

The full programme and dates will be announced shortly.

To be among the first to reserve this singular experience, email us to pre-register.


4_REBIRTH (After Origine du Monde), Be what you never dared to be before, 2021.jpg
Madeleine Schwinge, The Psychedelic Chicks, Imagine, 2021

Speculative diaries


The art of making desirable futures tangible

This masterclass is designed to enable you how to take a more reflective and innovative role, to reorient, to regain confidence and become more agile in order to create an alluring life plan. 

You will focus on your dreams, think through a project, and be empowered by your group fellows. You will define a practical map to navigate your journey towards the life you really want to live, or to make a heart project come true. 

The 5 days lifedesign workshop is limited to 8 participants and is taking place in presence at the re:future Lab, Berlin.


In German.

5. - 9. July 2022

2.600,-- plus 19% TVA


with Madeleine Schwinge

Please write an e-mail to to set up a call with Madeleine Schwinge for more information and accreditation.

Past 2021:

HUMAN MACHINE WORLD - Art for the Anthropocene. 

Images: (1) Johanna Bruckner, Crush Pad Lava, 2021; (2)Parsons & Charlesworth, Catalog for the Posthuman, 2021; (3) Gregory Chatonsky, E-phemeral skin, 2021


'The Whole Earth 2045 -

Memories and Bodies from a Future'

Johanna Bruckner (Zurich),

Grégory Chatonsky (Paris),

Parsons & Charlesworth (Chicago)

Curated by Madeleine Schwinge


6 Nov - 11 Dec 2021

extended until 26 Feb 2022

Artist talk Nov. 6, 5-6 pm

with Parsons & Charlesworth (Artists and Designer) and

Ian Erik Stewart (Neuro scientist, Max Delbrück Institut)

moderated by Madeleine Schwinge

"Imagining a future where success depends upon our ability to be permanently cognitively sharp, quantifying ourselves with data, and able to work the long and irregular hours assigned by algorithm led corporations, Catalog for the Post-Human provides tools to help workers cope with circumstances in which their bodies may be pushed to the limit“, (Parsons & Charlesworth)



A Blink from Sonic Eyes - Drawings from the Fleeting Archive of Towards Sound

Sketches from 17 international composers and sound artists. The archive Towards Sound was initiated by composer and curator Ruth Wiesenfeld, Berlin.

Curated by Jan-Philipp Frühsorge


7 Oct - 30 Oct 21

Artist talk 7 Oct, 5-6 pm

with Ruth Wiesenfeld, Alessandra Eramo and Sagardìa

moderated by Jan-Philipp Frühsorge

Images: Lucia Hinojosa Gaxiola, 2021

Archive 2020-21:

3_PREPARE THE ARK, Crisis is our territory, 2021.jpg
Images: Madeleine Schwinge, Imagine we would be the ones, The Psychedelic Chicks, 2021


Imagine, we could be the ones to change it all

Madeleine Schwinge, The Psychedelic Chicks, 2021

A mini series of six motives in a limited art edition.

25 Jul - 30. Sept 2021

Images: (1) Stella Geppert, InsideT, 2020; (2) Installation view RADICAL ROOMING, re:future Lab



An experimental live performance and artistic proposition exploring our way to inhabit space and connect with the others.
1 venue. 4 artists. 5 cameras. 1 screen.


Co-curated by Mathilde Irrmann, Madeleine Schwinge and Cécile Nebbot



Mathilde Irrmann, Berlin (Lecture),

Brandon Johnson, L.A. and Berlin (Music),

Elitsa Mateva, Berlin (Dance),

Stella Geppert, Berlin (Art) with InsindeT - Learning from the body, 2020 re:future Lab edit
Technical team:

Lan Syreen, Jeffray Schwabe, mk, Sarah Bouchet, Paul Stutenbäumer
with text fragments from:

Ingeborg Bachmann, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Mathilde Irrmann, Michel Foucault, Alberto Giacometti, Kim Gordon, Ursula Le Guin, Robert Smithson, Peter Zumthor


Live screening 28 Jan 2021, 6-7 p.m.

via YouTube and Facebook


Group show

PERSPECTIVES - Tomorrow is the question. Seek movements.

with Hollie Miller, Jovana Popic, Madeleine Schwinge, Jonny Star, Charlie Stein

Curated by Madeleine Schwinge


5 Dec 20 - 16 Jan 2021

Images: (1) Charlie Stein, Mirror face, 2020; (2) Madeleine Schwinge, Searching for new utopias, 2019, (3) Jovana Popić, Heterotopia, 2017

Group show
IN DIALOGUE - The Artist and the Artists Collection

with works by Joseph Beuys, Paula Doepfner, Marlene Dumas, EVA & ADELE, Valérie Favre, Caroline Kryzecki, Jovana Popic, Madeleine Schwinge, Jonny Star, Claire Tabouret

Curated by Madeleine Schwinge


2 Oct - 14 Nov 2020

Images: (1) Jovana Popić, Routes 1, 2014;  (2) Madeleine Schwinge, New Biopic, The Psychedelic Chicks, 2019; (3) Valerie Favre, Ghost (After Witches' Flight by Goya), 2014-15

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