Johanna Bruckner
Johanna Bruckner

Crush Pad Lava, 2021, HD 4K 2-channel video installation

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Grégory Chatonsky
Grégory Chatonsky

e-phemeral skin, 2021, 71 prints, 50 x 50 cm

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Madeleine Schwinge
Madeleine Schwinge

Blossoming from ruins, 2018 (The Psychedelic Chicks), Magazine cutouts, parchment paper, chalkmarker on handmade paper, 76,5 x 57 cm

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Johanna Bruckner
Johanna Bruckner

Crush Pad Lava, 2021, HD 4K 2-channel video installation

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Questioning the future


How can we, facing radical upheavals and unprecedented crises, prepare for the times ahead and find solutions for the pressing issues of our time, both at individual and social levels?

As no model can accurately predict the future, re:future Lab dares to focus on speculative scenarios that, without denying problems of today, attempt to build sustainable and balanced futures. The wide range of featured artists and protagonists are all forward driven thinkers, capable of challenging our habitual mindsets and expanding our imagination.

The exhibitions and accompanying programs are staged as thematic episodes within a narrative stream and an overarching theme, EMBARKING FUTURE, setting their sights on new future utopias.


HUMAN-MACHINE-WORLD, Art for the Anthropocene

An exhibition circle in two parts


Part 2 MACHINE-World


Memories and Bodies from a Future

Curated by Madeleine Schwinge

Nov. 6 - Dec. 11, 2021

Johanna Bruckner (Zurich)

Grégory Chatonsky (Paris)

Parsons & Charlesworth (Chicago)

Opening Nov. 5, 6 - 9 pm

Private Dinner, Nov 6, 7 pm (on invitation)

Artist talk Nov. 6, 5-6 pm

with Parsons&Charlesworth and Ian Erik Stewart (Neuro scientist, Max Delbrück Institut)

moderated by Madeleine Schwinge

"Imagining a future where success depends upon our ability to be permanently cognitively sharp, quantifying ourselves with data, and able to work the long and irregular hours assigned by algorithm led corporations, Catalog for the Post-Human provides tools to help workers cope with circumstances in which their bodies may be pushed to the limit“, (Parsons & Charlesworth)

Artist Talk Dec 8, 6 pm

with Johanna Bruckner and Peggy Schoenegge

moderated by Madeleine Schwinge


Part one - HUMAN-World


Drawings from the Fleeting Archive of Towards Sound"

Curated by Jan-Philipp Frühsorge

Group show with works by 17 composers and sound artists.

Bertrand Chavarría Aldrete (Paris/Malmø), Gloria Damijan (Vienna), Atefeh Einali (Manchester), Alessandra Eramo (Berlin), Farzia Fallah (Cologne), John Kamel Farrah (Berlin), Pablo Garreton / Martin Kaulen (Paris), Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola (Mexico City), Alex Gorji (Berlin), Gudmundur Steinn Gunnarson (Reykjavik), Golfam Khayam (Teheran), Sofia Rocha (Kansas City), Sagardía (Berlin), Óscar Valero Sáez (Madrid), Esther Venrooy (Breda, NL), Thomas van Walle (Antwerp), Ruth Wiesenfeld (Berlin)

Oct. 8 - 30, 2021

Press preview Oct. 7, 3 - 5 pm

Opening reception Oct. 7, 6 - 9 pm

Open weekend Oct. 9 - 10, 12 - 6 pm

Artist talk Oct. 8, 7 - 8 pm

With Ruth Wiesenfeld, Alessandra Eramo and Sagardia.

Moderated by Jan-Phlipp Frühsorge



Imagine, we could be the ones to change it all

Madeleine Schwinge

The Psychedelic Chicks', 2021

25. Juli - 30. Sept 2021

Opening reception 24 Jul 2021, 7 pm



An experimental live performance and artistic proposition exploring our way to inhabit space and connect with the others.
1 venue. 4 artists. 5 cameras. 1 screen.

Co-curated by Mathilde Irrmann, Madeleine Schwinge, Cécile Nebbot



Mathilde Irrmann (Lecture),

Brandon Johnson (Music),

Elitsa Mateva (Dance),

Stella Geppert (Art) with InsindeT - Learning from the body, 2020 re:future Lab edit
Technical team:

Lan Syreen, Jeffray Schwabe, mk, Sarah Bouchet, Paul Stutenbäumer
with texts from:

Ingeborg Bachmann, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Mathilde Irrmann, Michel Foucault, Alberto Giacometti, Kim Gordon, Ursula Le Guin, Robert Smithson, Peter Zumthor


Live screening 28 Jan 2021, 6-7 p.m.

via YouTube and Facebook


PERSPECTIVES - Tomorrow is the question. Seek movements.

Curated by Madeleine Schwinge

with works by Hollie Miller, Jovana Popic, Madeleine Schwinge, Jonny Star, Charlie Stein

5 Dec - 16 Jan 2021

Opening reception 4 Dec 2020, 6 - 9 pm


IN DIALOGUE - The artist and the artist's collection

Curated by Madeleine Schwinge

with works by Joseph Beuys, Paula Doepfner, Marlene Dumas, EVA & ADELE, Valérie Favre, Caroline Kryzecki, Jovana Popic,

Madeleine Schwinge, Jonny Star, Claire Tabouret

2 Oct - 14 Nov 2020

Opening reception 1 Oct 2020, 6 - 9 pm

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