The Space

re:future Lab is located in the Spreehalle, an ensemble of buildings literally on the Spree river in southeast Berlin.


In this area renowned artists, creative and cultural workers come together. Exhibitions, galleries and concerts attract a wide audience and fill the historic industrial area with new life.


The Spreehalle is part of a building complex that was built in 1910 as AEG's transformer factory by star architects such as Peter Behrens. It was renovated and modernized by the award-winning London-based architectural bureau FeildenCleggBradleyStudios in collaboration with the musician and photographer Bryan Adams. For its successful combination of history and modernity, the Spreehalle 2018 received the Otto Borst Prize for Urban Renewal and was nominated for the BDA Architecture Audience Award. Since then, the project has been featured in numerous international publications, including Wallpaper* magazine.

In 2020, Madeleine Schwinge purchased a 160 square meter concrete shell there and commissioned the Danish architect Sigurd Larsen with the interior design. The design concept was jointly planned with Sigurd Larsen and Madeleine Schwinge to merge her artist studio and the newly founded re:future Lab under one roof. It now forms a perfect unit for studio, research, office, exhibition, workshop and event zones and convincingly reflects the forward-thinking approach of the both operational areas.

Venue hire and event hosting

Besides its own programming, re:future Lab is available for location rent.


We host events and rent out our space for photo and film productions, readings, product presentations, meetings and other fancy things - on condition that they reflect our ethos, or are inspired by people we work with and the stories we tell. 

Availability complies with our exhibition schedule.


We would gladly put together an individualized offer for you.  Just drop us an email to


We love to hear from you and be your host.

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