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Holitopia® 2023

Explore. Participate. Debate. Peer-to-peer encounters.

The 3-day symposium offers unique opportunities to activate and generate new systems for a particular or even multiple futures. It oscillates at the porous surfaces of ontological change: fragile membranes between reason, ethics and the history of ideas, navigation in complex and uncertain systems, collective intelligence, experiment and serendipity.


The program is collective, interactive, multi-sensorial and comprises a set of superimposed art performances, exhibition, lectures, panels, talks, and unpredictable free formats, all infused with the principles of EMBARKING FUTURES® meta-method: Serendipity, Symbiosis, Process, Cooperation, Fiction, Flux.

For whom?


Attendees share a certain kinship as troubled hopefuls, concerned with topical issues and engaged in a process of questioning, ideation and innovation.

Symbiotic Politics is fruitful for all those willing to join the most forefront discourse of our time, open-up imaginary, go beyond solutions, detach from linearity, and pave the way to new opportunities.

You might be


from innovative organizations (corporate, institutional, academic), such as: creative and cultural thinkers and practitioners, museum directors and curators, architects and urbanists, designers, futurologists, innovation managers, entrepreneurs, executives, strategic planners, consultants, educators, facilitators, researchers, or policy makers.


questioning how to catalyze transformation in daily life, such as: citizens in search for new meaning and sense, aiming to build fertile communities and live a Good Life.

The program

Day 1 I Chapter 1
The Urgency of Perceiving the Invisible Grid of Life

The first chapter is about form and resonance. A form is already an idea (Plato). This is the inception of a journey to the landscape of human ideas. Ideas create the stories we tell, they shape actions and directions individually and socially. Here, we explore what emerges in non-linear interstices, where signals and refractions occur. Through the process, we sharpen our ability to perceive the invisible, and our faculty to animate new stories for desirable futures.


Dr. Jamie Brassett, Central Saint Martins, London/ Anhalt University Dessau 

Jan-Philipp Frühsorge, Bauhaus University Weimar/ The Drawing Hub, Berlin
Chloe Piene, Visual Artist, Warsaw, New York
Ayumi Paul, Artist and Violinist, Berlin

Day 2 I Chapter 2
How to Restore Hope in Times of Polycrisis?

The second chapter focuses on transformation and re-construction within porous systems. In an experimental laboratory, ‘good’ questions lead to

more and more ‘good’ questions. This is about designing the New in restorative times.

Often we experiment limitation rather than plenitude, and acceleration and complexity stand for blocking or restricting phenomena. What if we could transform them into new catalysts? How can loose fragments be recoded into new vectors? How to create a sense of joint momentum?

Dr. Emanuele Quinz, University Paris 8
Madeleine Schwinge, Founding director re:future lab
Prof. Sigurd Larsen, Berlin International University
Prof. Pelin Celik, HTW University for Applied Science
Hollie Miller, Performance Artist, London

Day 3 I Chapter 3
What are the Blueprints to Viable Futures?

In the third chapter we explore artefacts and ideas for alternative ecologies and cross ontological notions of the future. This is about hope and courage, the journey to HOLITOPIA® — a space of constant flux nurtured by co-creation.How to cartograph the pathways to these immediate future spaces?


Dr. Giovanni Aloi, School of Arts Chicago

Prof. Dr. Joanna Bryson, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin
Jan Berger, Themis Forsight, Berlin
Ludwig Engel, ETH Zurich/ Sandberg Institut Eindhoven
Burton Nitta, Artist Duo, London
Johanna Seelemann, Conceptual Designer, Leipzig / Reykjavik
Ludivine Gragy, Landscape Architect, Berlin


Explore bios of all contributors here >>

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"re:future lab, a Berlin version of Black Mountain College. Indeed, contemporary artists have never worked so close on themes that will consistently define the times to come - thus an artistic Institute for Futures is exceedingly topical.


Creating a place where protagonists from art and science meet and debate the question 'How do we want to live?', is the right approach to jointly develop ideas that make our world a little better and our thinking freer. In Berlin, an important step has been taken to turn visions into reality"

Die WELT AM SONNTAG, Gesine Borcherdt

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