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Artists, art professionals and future shapers of various disciplines on the dynamics of transformation, the impact of storytelling and their personal creative strategies.

An artistic curatorial project by Madeleine Schwinge

an artistic curatorial project by Madeleine Schwinge

Valérie Favre (Berlin)
Painter, Professor of painting (UdK)
Hollie Miller (UK)
Performance Artist
Chloe Piene (New York)
Visual Artist
coming soon
Coming out of the future
Paula Doepfner (Berlin)
Visual Artist
coming soon
Gregory Chatonsky (Paris)
coming soon
Jovana Popic (Berlin)
Multimedia Visual Artist
coming soon
Jonny Star (Berlin)
Artist, Curator
coming soon
Sandra Krasker (Paris)
Visual Artist
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Art professionals
Gaël Charbau (Paris)
Independant curator, Artistic director, Art critic
Tina Sauerländer (Berlin)
Art historian, Curator,
peer to space, SALOON Network
coming soon
Tanja Wagner (Berlin)
Gallery owner, Galerie Tanja Wagner - coming soon
Viola Eickmeier (Berlin)
Artwork producer, architect, product designer - coming soon
Barbara Green (Berlin)
Cultural manager, Art historian, Curator
coming soon
Valentina Peri (Paris)
Gallerist, Curator
Galerie Charlot, Paris
coming soon
Anja Groeschel (Berlin)
Art consultant, Communication expert
ALC Art Lovers Club
coming soon
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Future-shapers of diverse fields set in dialog with the art
Sigurd Larsen (Berlin)
Architect / Designer
Sigurd Larsen Design and Architecture
Emma Scribe (Paris)
Patronage expert
Philharmonie de Paris
Gilles Assor (Los Angeles)
1.1.100 crisis control L.A.
Rami Mekdachi (Paris, L.A.)
Musician, Photographer
Founder of Lola James Harper
Heiko Storz (Radolfzell)
Fashion entrepreneur
Fil Noir and 59 inches
Petra Bock (Berlin)
Political scientist, Change expert, Bestselling author
coming soon
Michael Sieberock-Serafimowitschcprivat-
Stage designer
Volkstheater Wien
coming soon
Sonia Guiramand (Paris)
Medical biologist
Médecins Sans Frontières
coming soon
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