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Madeleine Schwinge

Founder and director
Head of research, curation and 
incubator program

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Cécile Nebbot

Head of communication, fellowship program and brand partnership

Madeleine Schwinge is a conceptual artist, curator, researcher and facilitator. Her multidisciplinary work is a manifesto for transformation on an individual and social level. It has been exhibited in Germany, Austria and France, was published in academic contexts and nominated for The Social Art Award 2019. 


She studied art history (Freie Universität Berlin), fine arts and curation (Universität der Künste Berlin), where she has been trained by distinguished artists and curators. With a degree in economics and a background in strategic planning and entrepreneurship she has conducted a wide range of concept processes and training programs and has been invited as a lecturer at a number of conferences. For a decade she has worked alongside transformation researcher and political scientist Dr. Petra Bock to build a theory and award-winning methodology in the field of mindsets and human behaviour that has been published in international best-selling books.


She anchors her work approach in a metamodern art logic that oscillates between informed naivety and pragmatic idealism, pursuing an impossible possibility.

In 2020 she founded the re:future Lab to explore how art, as a conceptual medium of thought and practice, and in dialogue with other disciplines can foster knowledge transfer and social change.

Before being involved in the art scene, she was a communications strategist, working for leading British, American and French consultancies.


With a Master's degree in economics and a Master's degree in brand content communication, she draws her references from social sciences, human sciences and semiotics. During her studies, she specialised in econometrics, using quantitative data and speculative models to predict future economic trends, analysing structural or cyclical patterns, endogenous or exogenous factors, and interpreting a wide range of economic topics and socio-political scenarios.

At re:future Lab, she is responsible for corporate and social media communications, brand awareness, brand content, visual identity alignment across platforms (art space and institute, EMBARK! magazine), liaison with the advisory board, audience and network development, press contacts, the fellowship program, as well as partnerships to enrich and facilitate the art program and special projects, such as the curated culinary events and the annual summer party.


Jan-Philipp Frühsorge

Curator, author, lecturer
Advisory board member 2021


Jovana Popić

Multimedia artist, anthropologist
Advisory board member 2021


Nina Horstmann

Business strategist, art historian
Advisory board member 2021

Jan-Philipp is an internationally recognized expert in the medium of drawing.

He founded his own gallery, Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings, in 2003 - the first gallery in Germany at the time, which was exclusively dedicated to the medium of drawing. After a decade of pioneering work and the continuous endeavor to combine the commercial gallery business with the discursive-theoretical, the followed by the establishment of the nonprofit platform The Drawing Hub, which, as a nomadic structure, conducts international projects to promote and research drawing.


He is regular guest tutor at the University of West England in Bristol and the Paris Collage of Art.


Most recently he has curated group shows for FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph Berlin, frontviewsberlin, Salon International du Dessin Contemporain, Marseille.  


Jovana is a multimedia conceptual artist and doctoral candidate in art and anthropology at  Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, dealing with questions of human existence, on transience and phenomena of socialization, identity, territory, memory and oblivion.


In 2006 she received the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Scholarship and later the President’s Prize toward her master’s degree under Rebecca Horn at the Universität der Künste-Berlin.


Jovana is founding member (2020) of STADTMASCHINE KUNST, a visual platform between science and society that aims to make scientific researches accessible to a non-scientific public through the visual arts.

Nina Horstmann has a dual background in art history and environmental studies, both of which have been big part of her career to this point. 


She owns a unique blend of expertise in art & science collaborations and strategic programme-leading across multiple disciplines with a keen interest in sustainability; skills she implements daily at the Hybrid Plattform – an initiative by the Technische Universität Berlin and the University of the Arts Berlin.


Nina is passionate about leading change by building new networks, facilitating co-creation, mobilising people and stakeholders and shaping of new and exciting transformative programmes.


Sonia Guiramand

Medical laboratory advisor
Advisory board member 2021


Sigurd Larsen

Architect and designer
Advisory board member 2021

Peggy Schoenegge

Curator, writer, project manager
Advisory board member 2021

Sonia Guiramand holds a PhD in Pharmacy and a Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (Sciences Po Paris).


She has been managing her own medical laboratory in Paris for more than a decade. Today, Sonia is a Laboratory Referent within the NGO Doctors Without Borders and carries out field missions in conflict zones (Yemen, Mali, etc.). She conducts diagnostics and clinical tests (HIV-1, hepatitis C, tuberculosis), working with political decision-makers, professionals from national control programs and practitioners. She is a member of medical communities (Global Health Diagnostics, HIV Treatment & Prevention, Malaria Treatment & Prevention), and contributes to scientific publications and conferences.


On a personal level, Sonia is an art lover and art collector with a strong focus on contemporary art and photography dealing with social issues. Peter Beard is among her references, as well as the Carmignac Foundation  in Porquerolles in the South of France, not far from her summer home. 


The Berlin based Danish architect anddesigner Sigurd Larsen founded his eponomys studio in 2010.  He has completed projects within the fields of housing, hotel, educational and cultural buildings.


Sigurd holds a master degree from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen and previously been employed at OMA-Rem Koolhaas in New York, MVRDV in Rotterdam and COBE in Copenhagen.


He is an expert in sustainable urban development, aesthetics of complex spaces, and wooden constructions in various climatic conditions and legal contexts. 


Since 2016, he is professor at BAU International Berlin, where building design and visual communication is explored through teaching and research.

Peggy Schoenegge is an independent curator, writer and project manager at peer to space as well as chairwoman of the media art association in Berlin. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Art History by Humboldt-University Berlin and Technical University Berlin and spent a year at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto (JP). Her work deals with the conditions and challenges of digitalization and its effects on our everyday life, society and culture. Specifically, she addresses gender, performance, and artificial intelligence by curating digital art, internet art and art with new media such as VR or AR in both real and virtual exhibition spaces. She gives lectures and participates in panel discussions internationally at conferences and events such as the VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival, WISE Conference or for the Goethe-Institute. Currently she teaches at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt in expanded reality.

Selected curatorial projects include SPECULATIVE CULTURES. A Virtual Reality Art Exhibition (Parsons Gallery/ New School, New York), TOUCHING FROM A DISTANCE. Transmediations in the Digital Age(Literaturhaus Berlin), PENDORAN VINCI. Art & Artificial Intelligence Today (NRW Forum, Düsseldorf) as well as the online exhibitions CAT HEROICUS SUBLIMIS, Claiming Needles and Mirror, Mirror as part of peer to space’s online screening series PARS PRO TOTO.


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