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Featuring Futures

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The 5-question interview project EMBARK! give voice to groundbreaking change-agents, all dealing with the pressing topics of our epoch, wether in thought or practice:

  • What could be a catalytic role of art?

  • Is there still hope?

  • Which might be the impact of transdisciplinarity?

  • How does narration nourish our imaginary?

  • What are your personal creative strategies to enter a new process?

The stories explore the thoughts and practices of artists and experts - the result is a corpus of the most forefront visionaries, crafting a new epoch.

EMBARK! is an artistic research project by Madeleine Schwinge, edited by re:future lab.

'As an intellectual speculation, art feeds all sectors of society, whether through form or  thought'


Gaël Charbau (Curator)

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