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Practice-based research

There is no doubt that we are living in a time of epochal shifts.


Where do we go from here? What will be our future - that of the earth, humanity, and ourselves? How do we navigate complexity and find solutions for alternative systems, individually and socially? What does it mean to be human in a digital world? How do we find sustainable solutions for energy, production and mobility? How do we feed an ever-growing population? How do we shape our cities and the ways we live and work together?


While no one can accurately predict the future, the re:future Lab attempts to create real labs of speculative scenarios. The intention is to confront and dialogue with artists, futurologists and foreward driven experts, all sharing a certain kinship in focusing on the crucial issues of our time. Each of them able to challenge our habitual thinking and expand our imagination, setting the sights on holistic future presents. This is a space we call Holitopia®.


Featuring Futures

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The EMBARK! 5-question interviews give voice to groundbreaking change-agents, all dealing with the pressing topics of our epoch, wether in thought or practice:

  • What could be a catalytic role of art?

  • Is there still hope?

  • Which might be the impact of transdisciplinarity?

  • How does narration nourish our imaginary?

  • What are your personal creative strategies to enter a new process?

The stories explore the thoughts and practices of artists and experts - the result is a corpus of the most forefront visionaries, crafting a new epoch.

This is an artistic research project by Madeleine Schwinge.

'As an intellectual speculation, art feeds all sectors of society, whether through form or  thought'


Gaël Charbau (Curator)

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